St Bethany Fresh is proud to work with the Farm 2 School program as a supplier of locally grown,
fresh cucumbers to
Tupelo City Schools, Lee County Schools, and Oxford City Schools. 

St Bethany Fresh - English Seedless Cucumbers!

St Bethany Fresh Kids' CukesYour favorite tomato grower now has English seedless cucumbers!   Along with "regular" cucumbers, try St Bethany Fresh Kids' Cukes Pick some up today at one of the 28 Whole Foods locations in the southern region including Memphis, TN at 5022 Poplar Avenue.  Other locations include Sprint Mart convenience stores in Tupelo, Corinth, Starkville, and Columbus and at Todd's Big Star, and Westend Grocery. 

Read about St Bethany in Mississippi Farm Country Magazine

Support your local Whole Foods Market. Look for St. Bethany Fresh tomatoes in 30 Whole Foods Market locations in MS, AL, NC, GA, SC and TN., including Memphis, TN at 5022 Poplar Avenue.

- St Bethany Fresh is a Member of CDF -

Be the go-to person in your neighborhood for fresh tomatoes!
Purchase 10 or more cases and receive wholesale pricing.  Earn extra money or simply pass the savings along to neighbors, friends and relatives.
Contact us today for more information.

In addition to Whole Foods Market,
our products are offered at the following locations:

Neon Pig in Tupelo, MS

Farm to School

Food Banks

Farmers' Markets

General Public - Stand at Our Farm

Eat Healthy, Eat Fresh, Eat LOCAL -- 662-213-2028

  • What sets St Bethany Fresh apart?  For the first time ever, Northeast Mississippians have a healthy option for fresh produce - year round.  That is what sets us apart.  With the largest commercial, totally computer controlled facility in Northeast Mississippi, the general public, as well as food providers such as hospitals, schools, restaurants, and grocery stores will have the option to purchase healthy, fresh, local produce year round as opposed to the typical 2 to 3 month local growing period.
  • WATER CONSERVATION - St Bethany Fresh is extremely water conservation conscious and uses 1/20 of the amount of water compared to conventional irrigation systems.  St Bethany Fresh uses reverse osmosis to remove impurities from the water before the water goes to the roots of the plants.
  • St Bethany Fresh will be open to the public, as well as to food providers, to actually come on site and see how their produce is grown.
  • St Bethany Fresh plans to make the facility available to local school systems in Northeast Mississippi for science teachers to use as a visual tool to teach dozens, if not hundreds, of science lessons (examples: periodic tables, plant physiology, the weather, etc.).
  • St Bethany Fresh looks forward to being a small part in helping meet the growing demands for healthy, local, fresh, chemical pesticide free produce.  We want the general public, as well as food providers, to have a healthy option year round.  St Bethany Fresh hopes that what we are doing will encourage entrepreneurs, farmers, and investors to build more organic farms, more hydroponic facilities, so this generation and the generations to come will have more and more opportunities to buy healthy, buy fresh, buy LOCAL.

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